Timely information and knowledge are power

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Transparent, informative and accurate financial reporting is the core of modern economics and the key in achieving maximum asset efficiency and high-quality liability management. Audit plays an important role in this process by providing an objective and independent opinion on reliability of financial information. With professional and independent approach tailored to your specific circumstances, we provide audit services which, besides control effect, brings added value to the entrepreneur


In dynamic business and regulatory environment, we provide reliable and comprehensive support in many aspects of your business. We will help you in your decision-making process by providing constructive and rational business, financial and tax consulting with continuous monitoring of your business development. We can help you to achieve steady growth and create solutions that ensure long-term business progress.

The economic environment and business market are more dynamic than ever.

Changes of all types and forms (financial, legal, regulatory) occur on a daily basis, sometimes even more often. In such environment, timely information and knowledge provide power.

This is exactly what Kulić & Sperk team of business advisers offers


Our primary objective is to provide support to management in tracking and monitoring business activities based on urgent, accurate and specific requirements of customized accounting data. In our work we duly respect and meet the regulatory requirements regarding deadlines and quality. In accordance with specific needs of each phase in your business growth, our accounting department continuously adjusts its role in order to meet your needs in the most rational way

Accounting data should primarily be business management tool for entrepreneurs, and only then the source of information to the environment. Uniforms and drawers are not appropriate solutions – each of our clients, regardless of its’ activities, has its own specific needs. Our approach to clients is therefore individual in order to provide the needed up-to-date, accurate and timely information at any time.

From our extensive experience in working with international and local entrepreneurs from different fields, we understand current needs and ensure that the client has a 24-hour online access to its’ data, as well as provide accounting services with controlled access to client databases so that clients can always rely on our support and availability.

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